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Revolutionizing Tradition: How a Storied Law Firm Turned the Page with Innovative Print Management

FlexPrint’s intervention led to a staggering monthly savings of $3,000 for the firm

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Philadelphia, there was a prestigious law firm known for its rich heritage and innovative approach to legal services. This firm, with a lineage dating back to 1849, had grown to house over 600 legal experts across a dozen offices nationwide. Their commitment to excellence had earned them the trust of multinational corporations and start-ups alike.

However, behind the scenes, the firm faced a challenge that often went unnoticed – managing their printing solutions. They were in a partnership with a third-party service provider, purchasing toner as needed, but this arrangement left them blind to their actual usage patterns. Even after consulting with experts to estimate their needs, the firm found their projected usage consistently missed the mark.

Enter FlexPrint, a company renowned for revolutionizing print management. With a tailored Managed Print Solution, FlexPrint offered the firm a glimpse into their previously obscured usage data. The results were eye-opening. Not only did they gain visibility, but they also discovered significant discrepancies in their usage projections.

FlexPrint’s solution was not just about providing data; it was about transforming the firm’s approach to resource management. With comprehensive reporting and best practices, the firm could now utilize their assets more effectively, ensuring cost-effectiveness and budgetary precision.

The story took a turn for the better when, after meticulous analysis and adjustments, FlexPrint’s intervention led to a staggering monthly savings of $3,000 for the firm. This was not merely a reduction in expenses; it was a testament to the power of accurate data and informed decision-making.

The key benefits were clear: the firm now had a clear view of their usage, better asset utilization, and tools to further reduce costs. This was not just about saving money; it was about empowering the firm to capitalize on their investments and continue their legacy of excellence.

And so, the firm and FlexPrint embarked on a journey of continuous improvement, writing a new chapter in the firm’s storied history – one where tradition and technology worked hand in hand to pave the way for a future as bright as their past.

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