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Optimizing Operations for a Premier Hotel in Phoenix, AZ

We achieved a 20% reduction in the hotel’s overall printing and copying costs


Nestled just north of downtown Phoenix, a premier hotel in Phoenix, AZ, offers an array of superb amenities designed to provide an exceptional experience. Guests can enjoy a spectacular pool complex featuring an Olympic-sized pool and a three-story waterslide, along with a state-of-the-art fitness center that includes racquetball, tennis, and squash courts. With 330 luxurious rooms and over 30,000 square feet of versatile meeting space, this hotel stands out as a top choice for both leisure and business travelers.


Despite its impressive amenities, the hotel faced significant operational challenges, particularly with their printing and copying needs. The previous provider only serviced copiers, and the oversized Xerox devices scattered throughout the property were inefficient for the volume of use required. This inefficiency led to overpaying for copier services, while the IT department was burdened with managing the printers independently. It was clear that a comprehensive and strategic solution was needed.

Solutions Implemented

FlexPrint, a Flex Technology Group company, stepped in to address these challenges. We conducted a thorough assessment and determined that the copiers were not appropriately sized for the hotel’s actual volume needs. By resizing the copiers to better match their usage and optimizing the overall printing environment, we significantly improved efficiency. Additionally, we consolidated the devices across the property, creating a more streamlined and manageable system.


The impact of our intervention was immediate and substantial. We achieved a 20% reduction in the hotel’s overall printing and copying costs by right-sizing the devices and strategically placing them in the most suitable areas. Moreover, we provided the hotel with detailed insights into their current spending and production volumes, highlighting additional cost-saving opportunities.

A key advantage of our service is our vendor-agnostic approach. This means we can service all printers and copiers in the hotel’s fleet, upgrading devices only when necessary. This flexibility ensures that the hotel is never locked into a single vendor, allowing them to receive the best possible service tailored to their needs.


The transformation at this premier hotel in Phoenix, AZ, showcases how the right technology solutions can drastically enhance operational efficiency. By resizing their copiers, optimizing their printing environment, and consolidating their devices, we helped the hotel reduce costs and improve overall management of printing and copying services. At FlexPrint, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for all office technology needs, enabling our clients to focus on providing exceptional experiences for their guests.

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