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Charting New Territories: A Southern Accounting Giant’s Leap into Efficient Print Management

In the vibrant tapestry of the southern United States, a story of innovation and transformation is woven within the walls of one of the country’s largest accounting firms. This firm, steeped in tradition and excellence, had long navigated the complex financial landscapes with a fleet of printers managed by a well-known vendor, Xerox. But as the firm evolved, it became clear that a change was necessary to match their growing needs.

The firm’s previous print management solution was no longer in alignment with their vision. It was time to chart a new course, to find a partner who could offer a fresh perspective and innovative solutions. That’s when FlexPrint entered the narrative, ready to lead the firm into a new era of print management.

FlexPrint’s approach was meticulous and tailored. They assessed the firm’s needs and found opportunities for significant cost savings by right-sizing the fleet. The introduction of advanced technologies like PrinterLogic was a game-changer, enhancing the firm’s device management and security.

The partnership marked the beginning of a remarkable transformation. The firm experienced an enhanced overall client experience, realized substantial cost savings, and embraced new technologies that propelled them forward. FlexPrint’s managed print services program was not just a solution; it was a strategic move that aligned with the firm’s pursuit of excellence and efficiency.

This is a tale of a firm that embraced change and, with FlexPrint’s expertise, turned a new page in their storied history. It’s a testament to the power of partnership and the endless possibilities that arise when tradition meets innovation.

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