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Revolutionizing Print Management at a Leading Optometry College

Annually, the college saw a net savings of $18,000 and generated over $6,000 in new revenue.

Revolutionizing Print Management at a Leading Optometry College​


Nestled in the bustling city of Chicago, is the largest optometry college in the United States. With a storied history dating back to 1872, this college has been at the forefront of optometric education. The institution boasts over 700 students and 180 employees spread across six locations, graduating around 160 optometrists annually.

Challenges Encountered

Before implementing a new solution, the college faced significant challenges in managing its printing and copying infrastructure. With multiple vendors handling their fleet and numerous invoices each month, the complexity of the system was overwhelming. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) found the IT team excessively preoccupied with servicing printer and copier assets, a situation further complicated by new leadership’s desire to transition to a leasing model to curb capital expenditures.

Strategic Solutions Deployed

In response to these challenges, a comprehensive overhaul of their print management system was undertaken:

  • Vendor Consolidation: All print services were unified under a single vendor across all locations, simplifying management and accountability.
  • Innovative Software Integration: Software was implemented that linked with students’ badges, allowing for a charge-back system on prints, turning a cost-center into a revenue stream.
  • Fleet Modernization: The entire fleet of copiers was refreshed with a cost-effective leasing model that aligned with the college’s financial strategy.

Tangible Benefits Realized

The streamlined approach brought about several significant improvements:

  • Efficiency in Service: A single source for print management enabled uniform service across the entire fleet.
  • Revenue Generation and Cost Control: The badge-based printing system not only generated additional revenue but also curbed unnecessary printing, leading to substantial cost savings.
  • Reduction in IT Overhead: The IT team was relieved from the frequent service calls, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Financial Impact: Annually, the college saw a net savings of $18,000 and generated over $6,000 in new revenue.

This success story exemplifies how thoughtful technology integration and vendor consolidation can transform operational efficiency and financial performance in an educational institution.

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