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Am Law 100 Law Firm Saves Through Managed Print

Top Law Firm achieves annual cost savings of over $500,000

Company Size: 1,000+ employees

Zone of Influence: Global

Annual Revenue: $500M+

A top law firm, known for its strategic and practical legal counsel in fields such as litigation, employment, and corporate law, encountered major challenges with its printing infrastructure.  

With a total of 13 offices throughout the United States, and 4 more globally, the firm needed an efficient and cohesive way to manage its extensive fleet of printing devices. This case study demonstrates the application and benefits of Managed Print Services within the legal field, showing how law firms can optimize document management and reduce costs through effective print solutions.

The Challenge 

Previously, the firm relied on multiple local vendors to manage only the corporate fleet, which led to a lack of visibility and coordination across its nationwide offices.  

Facing an ageing fleet of printers and an urgent need for an equipment update, the firm’s IT team encountered pressure to find a scalable solution that could seamlessly integrate across all locations.  

Strategic Solution

The firm teamed up with Flex Technology Group, who specialize in managed print services, to address these issues directly. The extensive solution included:  

  • Centralized Support and Coverage: A unified source of national coverage and support was established, ensuring consistent service across all locations.  
  • Equipment Refresh and Maintenance: The existing printer fleet was refreshed with newer, more efficient models and maintained to prolong service life. 

Tangible Outcomes 

The strategic partnership between the firm and the services provider brought significant benefits to the firm:

  • Enhanced IT Efficiency: Local IT managers were relieved from the daily burdens of print management, allowing them to better support the firm’s attorneys. 
  • Vendor Consolidation: Transitioning to a single vendor for all print-related needs facilitated smoother integration and operation across various offices.  
  • Updated Infrastructure: The fleet was optimized, significantly reducing energy footprint, and 150 devices were updated. 
  • Cost Savings: The firm achieved annual cost savings of over $500,000. Additionally, a recycling program implemented during the fleet refresh resulted in $40,000 in rebates. MPS costs were reduced by 75%, and asset management costs were reduced by 90%.

MPS Cost Savings75%

Asset Management Cost Savings90%

This successful implementation for one of the largest Law Firms in the nation shows how a well-orchestrated managed print solution can lead to improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and better support for core business functions within a national organization. 

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