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Colorful Beginnings to Cost-Saving Endings: A Retail Giant’s Tale of Transformation

FlexPrint boosted the Service Level Agreements by an astonishing 300%

Colorful Beginnings to Cost-Saving Endings: A Retail Giant’s Tale of Transformation

Once upon a time, in a land known for its bustling marketplaces and charming boutiques, there stood a retail giant—a beacon of style and comfort for the youngest of patrons. This retailer, with a legacy dating back to the mid-19th century, had become the go-to destination for quality children’s apparel, outfitting generations with care and craftsmanship.

Yet, within the colorful walls of over 850 stores, a challenge loomed large. The retailer’s fleet of color desktop MFPs, managed by a certified IT service, was a legacy system that no longer fit the vibrant future they envisioned. The machines, one per store, churned out signs, training documents, and reports, with color usage dominating the print volume.

It was in this setting that FlexPrint emerged, a herald of innovation and efficiency. With a service-centric solution, FlexPrint reimagined the retailer’s print management, boosting their Service Level Agreements by an astonishing 300%. The response and resolution time, once a sluggish three weeks, was now a swift next-business-day affair, transitioning from a depot model to an on-site paradigm of service.

The transformation was as vivid as the retailer’s colorful prints. Cost savings blossomed to 24%, and a strategic vision for reducing color print volume was set in motion. FlexPrint’s device-as-a-service model promised a fleet refresh while keeping costs steady, painting a picture of sustainability and fiscal prudence.

This is the story of a retail giant’s journey from colorful beginnings to cost-saving endings, a partnership with FlexPrint that rewrote the narrative of print management. It’s a tale of adaptation, efficiency, and the enduring quest for excellence—a tale as timeless as the retailer itself.

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