flex technology group

Streamlining Logistics for Scalable Success


As a titan in the American truckload motor shipping industry, this Phoenix-based enterprise operates the largest fleet of trucks in the United States, boasting over 23,000 vehicles. With 40 major terminals and 120 on-site locations across the U.S. and Mexico, they are a prominent player in the logistics and transportation sector.

Challenges Faced

Previously, the company grappled with a costly logistical issue, spending upwards of $2 million annually on Priority Mail services provided by FedEx, used for document submissions by truck drivers. The lack of scanning capabilities and a unified point of contact for escalations across the enterprise compounded the inefficiency, signaling a need for a transformative solution.

Innovative Solutions Deployed

To address these challenges, a digital document workflow was created and implemented, allowing drivers to scan and electronically send federally-mandated documents directly to a centralized repository. This solution was made possible by integrating national coverage that complemented and augmented existing assets with advanced workflow systems.

Achieving Key Benefits

The implementation of a single source/national coverage model has been a game-changer, supporting all national locations effectively. This strategic overhaul has not only decreased turnaround times but also eliminated the costs associated with shipping and scanning documents. Moreover, it has enabled the company to accommodate growth without additional investment, highlighting the scalable benefits of their new system.

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