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Nationwide Financial Services Firm Standardized Print Management Transformed Operations

In the case of a major U.S. corporation providing top-level financial, benefits, and insurance services through more than 100 offices nationwide, a significant operational challenge was managing their printing infrastructure. Each office previously operated its own print management system, leading to a lack of standardization and organization. This disjointed approach resulted in increased costs, inefficiencies, and considerable strain on the IT department due to the maintenance demands of a diverse fleet of devices.

The company recognized the inefficiencies in this decentralized management style and decided to overhaul its approach by adopting a unified print management strategy. They collaborated with a technology solutions provider to phase in a standardized fleet of print devices across all locations. This shift not only aimed to streamline operations but also targeted significant cost reductions by eliminating high-volume, high-cost devices.

The impact of this transformation was profound. The standardized fleet led to enhanced visibility and control over printing resources, substantially reducing the time and effort previously expended by the IT staff on maintenance and repairs. The new managed print solution also introduced a superior service and support model that aligned with the organization’s need for high-quality, consistent service delivery across all its offices.

This strategic move not only optimized the company’s print operations but also exemplified how large organizations can effectively reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by transitioning to a managed, standardized approach in their service infrastructure.

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