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Streamlining Success: A California Firm’s Journey to Mastering Print Management

The monthly savings of $1,200— a 24% reduction

Streamlining Success: A California Firm’s Journey to Mastering Print Management​

Once upon a time in the Golden State, nestled within the vibrant city of Irvine, there was a law firm renowned for its expertise in civil litigation. This firm, with branches reaching out to San Diego, San Francisco, Fresno, and Redding, was a bastion of legal prowess, tackling everything from labor disputes to complex class actions.

Despite their legal acumen, the firm grappled with a dragon of a different sort: the chaotic realm of print management. Toner costs spiraled like a runaway train, and the firm juggled an unwieldy ensemble of over a dozen vendors to service their sprawling infrastructure.

It was then that FlexPrint, a knight in shining armor, entered the scene with their Managed Print Services program. With a strategic flourish, they vanquished the inefficient devices, replacing them with cost-effective champions of productivity. The firm’s owned and leased assets, once scattered like stars in the night sky, were now gathered under one protective umbrella.

The transformation was nothing short of magical. The firm, once beleaguered by a multitude of vendors and invoices, now reveled in the simplicity of a single source model. The monthly savings of $1,200—a 24% reduction—was like a balm to their budgetary woes.

And so, the firm’s story became one of triumph over the mundane, a testament to the power of streamlining and efficiency. With FlexPrint by their side, they continued to write their legacy, not with ink, but with the assurance of a print management system as precise and reliable as their legal strategies.

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