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Accounting and Finance

Taking stock of your existing print infrastructure to find what works—and what doesn’t

Proven Banking Solutions

Bank Branch Capture

Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual processing of digital and paper documents

Wholesale Lockbox

Automate and accelerate the processing of remittance documents and accounts payable

Secure Check Printing

Deter theft and fraud with automated in-branch printing of checks and negotiable documents

Loan Processing

Integrate our solutions with your applications to streamline loan processing

On-Demand Forms

Enable in-branch printing of personalized marketing materials in vivid, true-to-brand color

Retail Delivery

Streamline processes to deliver a superior customer experience

Wealth Management

Enhance customer service, improve compliance, and reduce operating costs

Proven Accounting Solutions

Advanced Print Management

Optimize your entire print environment with workflow solutions that make printing fast, efficient, and easy to manage

Downtime Reports

Improve continuity of care during a downtime event with 24/7 access to key forms and reports

Revenue Cycle Management

Speed up the revenue cycle by capturing billing information and making it accessible within applications

Why FTG?

Printing, scanning, managing, and storing documents, signage, and content are essential processes for every financial institution—and having the right strategy is crucial to leveraging success.

Our team of experienced experts can provide recommendations and solutions specifically tailored to the needs of your business. FTG’s managed print services can help you identify ways to maximize productivity, manage costs, build your brand, and improve the efficiency of your workflow—all with the help of our innovative, industry-leading devices.

Gain visibility and control over all printing devices, no matter the size of your network

Cut costs and improve productivity with our specially-tailored print solutions

Streamline printing and office processes with a single-source partner

Receive continuous monitoring and proactive technical support

Want to see for yourself?

Contact us today to learn more about how FTG can help your financial institution.