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Unifying Vision: The Story of a National Law Firm's Journey to Print Management Excellence

Once beleaguered by inefficiencies, now celebrated an annual savings of $30,000

Unifying Vision: The Story of a National Law Firm's Journey to Print Management Excellence

In the heart of Philadelphia, a tale of transformation unfolds within the walls of a venerable law firm. With a history as rich as the city itself, this firm boasts a cadre of over 900 attorneys, their expertise spanning 20 offices across the nation. They are the silent guardians of justice, serving a diverse clientele from towering corporations to the pillars of the community.

Yet, beneath the surface of this legal leviathan, a challenge loomed. The firm’s vast network of nearly 800 printers was bound by an antiquated system of print management, causing ripples of discontent that echoed through the corridors of their satellite offices. The central office in Philadelphia enjoyed a swift 4-hour service response, but the outer offices languished with a 48-hour wait, leading to a deluge of helpdesk calls and mounting frustration.

It was then that FlexPrint, a beacon of innovation in technology management, stepped into the narrative. With a promise of uniformity and efficiency, FlexPrint reimagined the firm’s print management landscape. They introduced a harmonious service level across all offices, integrating an automated ticketing system that streamlined requests directly to FlexPrint’s capable hands.

The impact was immediate and profound. The daily cacophony of helpdesk calls was replaced by a symphony of silence, punctuated only by the soft hum of well-maintained printers. Workloads lightened, and a daily call summary report painted a picture of newfound tranquility.

The crowning achievement of this partnership was the seamless implementation of FlexPrint’s single-source/national coverage model. The majority of the firm’s offices now basked in the coverage of FlexPrint’s W2 service area, unified under a single Service Level Agreement (SLA). The once disparate satellite offices found solace in a singular point of contact, a beacon guiding them through the maze of print management.

The fiscal narrative was equally compelling. The firm, once beleaguered by inefficiencies, now celebrated an annual savings of $30,000. But the story didn’t end with mere numbers; it was the ongoing saga of cost savings and the strategic reallocation of helpdesk personnel that truly marked the beginning of a new era.

And so, the firm stands today, a testament to the power of partnership and innovation. No longer shackled by the chains of outdated practices, they stride confidently into the future, their legacy of legal prowess now matched by the mastery of their print management solutions. The end of this tale is yet unwritten, but one thing remains certain: the firm and FlexPrint have crafted a story worth telling, a story of unity, efficiency, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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