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Thermal Printers

The right thermal printing solution can help your business improve productivity and ensure continuity—without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for mobile, desktop, or industrial thermal devices, Flex Technology Group can help you make the right choice.

We proudly partner with some of the world’s largest and most reliable printer companies:

As a vendor-neutral organization, Flex Technology Group offers you the ability to choose thermal printing devices from among the largest printer companies in the world.

With our in-depth assessment, we’ll analyze your entire thermal fleet to determine what works—and, just as importantly, what can be improved upon. Our custom recommendations and simple, flat-fee billing structure will help you find a solution to fit your needs while making the most of your budget.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our national coverage models include continuous monitoring and maintenance services for our customers. If you find that you need repairs, we’ll collect your thermal printers on a regular schedule to help you cut down shipping costs and minimize downtime. We also track all printers as they enter or leave a given location, providing you with 100% visibility when it comes to managing inventory.

Want to see for yourself?

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