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How a Higher Education Provider Revolutionized Their Print Management

Imagine a leading national provider of technical training with a sprawling network of over 10 campuses and over 200,000 graduates. This educational giant offers specialized programs in automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle and marine technician training, as well as welding technology and CNC machining. With such extensive and diverse offerings, their operational needs are equally complex, particularly when it comes to managing their printing infrastructure.

Initially, they had a national copier agreement with Canon, but challenges quickly emerged. The organization was under pressure to add more printers to their program, which led to redundancy and inefficiencies. Additionally, the technicians from Canon were struggling to support the current assets effectively, leading to operational delays and increased downtime—an untenable situation for an institution with widespread and critical printing needs.

Seeing the need for a more tailored and effective solution, they turned to FlexPrint, a company known for its managed print services. FlexPrint offered a comprehensive overhaul of the institution’s print management. They implemented a managed plan that included not only Canon devices but also those from other major manufacturers like HP and Ricoh, ensuring that each campus had the right tools for its specific needs without being tied to a single vendor.

The transformation began with a pilot program in Orlando, which proved to be a resounding success. This success built the necessary trust and provided a clear blueprint for rolling out the program across all locations nationally. By consolidating all their print services under FlexPrint, the institution significantly reduced the time their IT team spent on managing printers, allowing them to focus more on strategic IT initiatives rather than operational firefighting.

The key benefits of partnering with FlexPrint were manifold. The educational institution now had a single source for managing print services across all its locations, which streamlined operations and reduced costs. The vendor-neutral approach adopted by FlexPrint ensured that each campus was equipped with the best-fit technology, thus optimizing functionality and efficiency.

This strategic partnership not only restored the institution’s confidence in managing their extensive print infrastructure but also positioned them comfortably for future expansions, secure in the knowledge that their printing operations were in capable hands. This case exemplifies how a tailored, expertly managed print service solution can transform a critical back-office function, enabling institutions to focus more on their core mission of education and training.

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