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The largest Brand-Neutral Managed Print Services provider with an industry-leading Nationwide footprint. Our vast support network and unique proprietary technology make us more than Best-in-Class - we're in a class of our own.

What Sets Us Apart

Optimize your existing equipment and control costs with one custom, streamlined printing system.

Eliminate headaches with our predictive analytics and seamless technology support system.

Usher in digital transformation with comprehensive in-house production printing solutions that maximize your potential for cost savings and productivity improvements.

Print security solutions that identify firmware vulnerabilities and avoid potential print and document breaches that can damage your business or your brand.

A Nationwide Family of Companies

Flex Technology Group is home to the largest nationwide network of locations providing direct service to customers across the United States. Use the coverage map below to explore and Request a Quote.

At the forefront of the printing industry

Dive into our world with curated resources, helpful insights, educational content, and more from FTG.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed print as a service is a program that analyzes your print devices, recommends improvements to a new or existing print fleet, and manages the service of your entire print fleet, regardless of location or print device brand.

Yes. FTG is the only managed print provider with a national network of technicians who can service your current print fleet. We do not employ the rip-and-replace model of most MPS providers.

No. We enjoy great managed print partnerships with many non-profit, educational, and government organizations.

While savings can be the most significant the larger an organization is, FTG works with small and medium-sized organizations across the United States.

Although it is often a cost benefit for organizations to upgrade their print fleet, it isn’t a requirement to enjoy the benefits of managed print services.