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Revitalizing the print and document processes of your healthcare enterprise

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Proven Healthcare Solutions

Advanced Print Management

Optimize your entire print environment with workflow solutions that make printing fast, efficient and easy to manage

Departmental Solutions

Submit, manage, access, and process clinical documentation outside the EHR and improve workflow across departments

Clinical Hit Integration

Manage workflows and content within the hospital Health Information System

Downtime Reports

Improve continuity of care during a downtime event with 24/7 access to key forms and reports

Information Management:

Manage patient documentation and improve workflows related to records, charts, and information releases

Form Management

Incorporate forms-based content to streamline patient admissions and registration and secure signatures for consent

Order Routing

Automate the delivery of hardcopy orders to receiving departments

Improved Patient Access

Increase efficiency in your scheduling, admissions and registration, and downtime reporting processes

Secure Patient Identification

Positively identify patients with laser-printed wristbands, labels and ID cards

Continuous Care

Capture, organize, and process documents from multiple facilities throughout the continuum of care

Revenue Cycle Management

Speed up the revenue cycle by capturing billing information and making them accessible within applications

Tamper Resistant Prescription Printing

Securely print CMS-compliant prescriptions on plain paper

Why FTG?

High inflation rates and labor shortages pose unique challenges to the healthcare industry, and technological innovation is key to optimizing costs in the current climate.

Whether you’re transitioning from paper to EHR in a traditional healthcare setting or ramping up printing and imaging efforts in a pharmaceutical or biotech environment, the right print and document management processes can make all the difference. Our managed print and technology services can help you cut costs and boost operational efficiency—all while improving the quality of care you provide. From single-system digital content management solutions that protect patient confidentiality to innovative printing devices that can meet the challenges of rapid growth, FTG’s custom strategies can help you get the most out of your process.

Identify any compliance risks with our thorough audit process

Create a single, digital source of truth for all patient information, regardless of the size of your enterprise

Access relevant information anywhere, anytime while maintaining patient security

Manage increasing print and imaging demands with vendor-neutral print solutions

Set standards, implement best practices, improve quality of service, and manage costs effectively

Want to see for yourself?

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