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A Success Story in Pain Management: Strategic Growth Meets Innovation

Pain Management MPS Solution

In the dynamic landscape of Scottsdale, a forward-thinking medical practice was charting a new course in pain management. Their rapid expansion across Arizona and neighboring states was a testament to their commitment to providing innovative care. With 11 locations in the valley and new ventures in Nevada and Colorado, they were quickly becoming a beacon of hope for those in pain.

The Challenge: Scaling Up Amidst Rapid Growth

The practice initially faced a daunting challenge. Their IT department, wary of leasing, opted for a piecemeal approach to equipment acquisition, scouring eBay and Craigslist. But as the company grew, this method became unsustainable.

The Turning Point: Embracing a New Approach with FlexPrint

The turning point came with FlexPrint, who presented a compelling case for the benefits of a leasing protocol. This strategic partnership took the burden off the IT department, allowing them to focus on the company’s growth and providing a single source vendor with national coverage.

The Outcome: Seamless Expansion and Enhanced Efficiency

The collaboration with FlexPrint resulted in a seamless national solution that augmented existing assets with workflow solutions. Turnaround times decreased, expenses were eliminated, and growth was accommodated without extra investment. The process of opening new locations was simplified, alleviating the IT department and saving steps in the accounting processes.

This is the story of a pain management company that embraced change and innovation, transforming challenges into opportunities for strategic growth and setting a new standard in the industry.

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