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Streamlining Operations in Early Childhood Education

The new print management strategy resulted in annual savings of $100,000, directly impacting the bottom line.

One of the leading early childhood educators in the United States, operating over 200 private preschools and elementary schools, faced significant challenges in managing its vast and varied printing infrastructure. Spread across 31 cities and 15 states, the organization was grappling with complex lease agreements and escalating printing costs, amounting to $1.5 million annually. With 71 lease agreements involving eight different companies and 17 different copier vendors, the situation was untenable and demanded a robust solution.

The Challenge

The organization’s operational efficiency was bogged down by a cumbersome array of lease agreements and a disjointed fleet of printing devices. Managing these leases on different schedules across more than 100 schools posed a logistical nightmare for the IT department, detracting from their primary educational mission.

Strategic Solution

FlexPrint, a technology solutions provider specializing in print management was brought on board to overhaul the existing system. Their approach was comprehensive and tailored to meet the unique needs of the educational organization:

  • Fleet Standardization: FlexPrint implemented a standardized fleet across all schools, eliminating the need for multiple leases and vendors.
  • Inkjet Printer Removal: All less efficient inkjet printers were removed, streamlining the type of devices in use.
  • Centralized Management: The provider took over the management and monitoring of all service and supply orders, significantly easing the burden on the organization’s IT staff.

Tangible Outcomes

The intervention led to dramatic improvements in operational efficiency and cost savings:

  • Reduced Complexity: By eliminating 71 leases and consolidating service providers, the organization simplified its operations, allowing staff to focus more on educational goals rather than administrative chores.
  • Cost Savings: The new print management strategy resulted in annual savings of $100,000, directly impacting the bottom line.
  • Customized Reporting Analytics: Tailored reporting analytics provided the organization with insights into their printing needs, enabling better decision-making and resource allocation.
  • Scalability: With a more streamlined and efficient system, expanding the family of schools became significantly easier, supporting the organization’s growth objectives.

This success story highlights the critical role of strategic partnerships in enhancing operational efficiency and driving cost savings, particularly in sectors where management of administrative functions is as crucial as the core mission.

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