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How a Cannabis Distribution Firm Mastered In-House Printing

A rapidly expanding cannabis distribution firm in California was facing the classic growth challenges, but with a twist due to their niche market and evolving legal requirements. As they grew through acquiring smaller companies and distribution centers, their operational complexities multiplied, particularly in managing print demands—a critical component in their industry due to regulatory requirements for detailed product information on packaging.

Previously, this distribution firm had a relatively fragmented approach to managing its printing needs. Each newly acquired location seemed to operate on its own, purchasing small, inefficient inkjet printers and struggling to meet the high print volumes required by law. This not only proved costly but also inefficient, as the company was juggling multiple vendors for pre-printed pouches, which were not only expensive but also inflexible, unable to swiftly adapt to changing state regulations or branding needs.

Enter Caltronics, a Flex Technology Group company, a solution provider with a knack for streamlining print operations. They proposed bringing the production print in-house, a move that allowed for greater control over the printing process. With the introduction of variable data printing technology, the firm could now customize each label in a single print run without incurring additional costs—imagine being able to change text or graphics on-the-fly to comply with regulatory changes or to make branding adjustments.

To tackle the high volume of printing, Caltronics supplied robust copiers designed for such demands, replacing the inefficient patchwork of local devices. They didn’t stop there; they also implemented a managed print program. This strategic move optimized the firm’s use of copiers and other local devices, ensuring that supplies and maintenance were handled efficiently, reducing downtime, and further driving down costs.

The key benefits were immediately apparent. First and foremost, the firm now enjoyed significant cost savings by cutting out third-party vendors for pre-printed materials and reducing the inefficiencies of their previous local setups. More importantly, they established a single, reliable source for all their printing, production, and software needs, simplifying operations and ensuring consistency across all locations. This centralization proved essential in maintaining compliance with dynamic state regulations, allowing the company to adapt quickly and efficiently without sacrificing brand integrity.

This partnership transformed a cumbersome, costly aspect of the firm’s operations into a streamlined, cost-effective system capable of supporting their rapid growth and the specific challenges of the cannabis industry.

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