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The FTG Professional Services Team launched this free webinar series to educate companies on some of the available tools and resources that can help ease the transition process with shifting work environments.

Join our upcoming sessions and check back for more as we continue to elaborate on the technology solutions that will help you reinvent how you and your teams work.

Automated Invoice Processing & Document Management

Provide a reliable basis for seamless information flow and secure data, no matter where and when your employees want to do their jobs. Break free from paper and data entry, use software to automatically process incoming invoices, and synchronize your teams information immediately.

Document Process Automation: From Electronic Forms to Workflow

Modern web forms simplify, improve and accelerate data collection. Not only are they instantly available to anyone on any device, but forms provide structure to data so it can be used to automate information flow through your team.

Document Process Automation: Application Integration

Join our webinar to discover how DocuWare is built to work within your IT ecosystem. With 500 different integrations across email, team portals, CRM, ERP, HR systems, homegrown software and more, the success of DocuWare speaks for itself.

Simplify Your Return to the Office with Electronic Forms

We put together this webinar to help companies realize the power of electronic forms in everyday processes and in this case, we’ll be demonstrating how easy it is to digitalize your back-to-work procedures. Join us and learn how to simplify your processes with electronic forms.

Electronic Cloud Fax

Simply put, critical business processes must continue, but established workflows need to shift. Joining us to learn more about how you can and should preserve business continuity and expand security with our new normal – the remote, work from home employees.

Transform Your Business Processes with Virtual Mailrooms

If you’re looking to “go digital” or even just improve on certain processes, consider implementing a virtual mailroom. Eliminate manual data entry, empower remote employees, improve accuracy and speed, and automate mundane processes. The right scanning devices, workflows, and capture software can help create a powerful digital mailroom solution for your company.

PaperCut’s New & Advanced Features

Whether you’re completely new to PaperCut or have already implemented it, we’re demonstrating all of the new and evolved tools that are now available to help you better manage your print environment. The goal of this webinar is to make sure you know how to use the software to its fullest capabilities. Watch today and learn how to take your company’s business intelligence to the next level.

PaperCut in a Post-Pandemic Educational Landscape

This webinar covers Covid Relief Funding; how, where, and what to use this funding on, and how Papercut qualifies. The discussion also covers new safety protocols for touchless print release, Chromebooks, print driver management from home, and HigherEd workflows.

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Securing the Home Office for Real Business & the New Normal of Print Security

Discover what industry leaders are doing today to secure their print environments in this new world of flexible work. Whether your employees are working remotely, in the office, or balancing the two – It’s imperative that companies understand the modern complexities of secure print. Ensure your company printing meets the new security requirements. We’ll cover real-life examples, highlight key security issues, and show how to overcome them.

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