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Proven Cannabis Solutions

Variable Data Printing

Create labels that meet compliance standards and build customer trust. With variable data printing, you can vary labels in the same print run—at no extra cost

In-House Printing

Bring your production printing in-house to reduce costs and take control of your printing and packaging needs

Cost Management

Effectively manage costs, increase uptime, and provide visibility across your operations using a single system

Continuous Improvement

Identify problem areas and drive continuous improvement across operations with governance metrics

Trusted Partnership

Our trusted partnership offers a single-source solution for all your printing, production, and software needs

Why FTG?

From label creation and packaging to scanning and storing documents, the total cost of print and production for your business is likely greater than you think.

By analyzing your existing print environment and developing a strategy specific to your needs, FTG can help you optimize your output and content management processes, cut costs, and boost efficiency across your entire cannabis enterprise. Our vendor-neutral printing and labeling solutions can help you overcome challenges at every step of the process, from production and retail to route operations and storage.

Cut costs and improve productivity by bringing production in-house

Gain visibility and control over all printing devices, no matter the size of your network

Increase your capabilities with machines that can handle your print volume

Streamline printing and production processes with a single-source partner​

Want to see for yourself?

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