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Integrated Proprietary Technology for 100% Visibility, Predictability, and Control

Eliminate headaches with our predictive analytics and seamless technology support system.

man reviewing analytics on a computer screen

FlexTG’s smart technology integrates seamlessly to provide real-time visibility for total control over print assets and related service calls. Our technology can remove all print-related calls from an organization’s ticketing system and instead, redirect them right to us for a more efficient support system. Built by FlexTG’s dedicated IT products team, our proprietary technology is continuously evolving and improving based on customer feedback about features they value.

We Invest in Technology That Sets Us Apart:

Through significant investments in our proprietary technology stack, Flex Technology Group uses predictive analytics based on multiple data points and usage patterns to determine when assets need maintenance or supplies are needed. For instance, unlike competitors, our predictive technology can trigger a more accurate alert about when to replace toner. FlexTG creates a user-friendly dashboard that’s tailored to meet an organization’s specific needs – down to the smallest detail.

At the forefront of the printing industry