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Flex Technology Group Reinvents its HQ Office into a Welcoming Post-COVID Workplace

Mesa, AZ (2020) – Flex Technology Group (FTG) has recently taken steps to reimagine its corporate headquarters in Mesa, Arizona. As the world adopts new ways of working in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, FTG has used the present circumstances as an opportunity to reinvent its work environment.

“We will not be the company that sits back and waits for someone else to define how normal will look for us. We are in a time, place, and position to revolutionize our Mesa HQ and inspire our most impactful work!” said Frank Gaspari, CEO of Flex Technology Group, “We are taking this opportunity to build a community out of it, a place where each employee can work as an individual, but also come together as part of the greater FTG. Our goal is to create a new HQ where we all feel safe and we can truly enjoy our work environment.”

In addition to the ongoing work-from-home strategy that remains in place, FTG has begun to transform its office. Immediate actions have already been taken to ensure that safety and well-being remain a top priority. Safety will remain a key driving force in this project, but the overarching goal is to create a more versatile space. The new office design will be centered around the employee experience. Especially now that more people have become comfortable with working remotely, FTG is working to create a space that offers greater flexibility for employees, now and into the future.

Aside from new technology, rearranged spaces, and increased safety measures, an exciting piece of this initiative lies in the employee-driven changes. All of the employees at FTG’s HQ have helped to shape the new office by submitting, voting on, and ultimately deciding upon four main themes for the four sections of the building. Moving forward, each private office and workspace……………………

“Discussions about the post-COVID workplace tend to focus on limiting employee interaction and increasing cleaning regimes, but we need to also consider our company culture.” Said Rose Grande, Chief Human Resources Officer at Flex Technology Group, “Our intent is to balance safety with employee engagement. We want our employees to know that whenever they decide to come back into the office, that the work environment will not only be safe, it will be welcoming.”

Ultimately, this “new” office will accomplish what most great companies hope to do: create a safe environment where people can enjoy their work, collaborate with their colleagues and achieve the objectives of the organization.

About Flex Technology Group

Flex Technology Group provides customized office technology solutions for national and leading-edge regional companies. The company focuses on print, document management, document production, and managed IT solutions, representing industry-leading suppliers such as Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, HP, Lexmark, Sharp, and various software solutions. FTG services over 35,000 customers nationally.

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