Desktop Printers

As a brand-agnostic company, Flex Technology Group’s locations give your organization the flexibility of selecting the brand you prefer. This means you can choose devices that fit your needs, while still enjoying service and billing from a single vendor.

FTG is proud to offer service to these reputable print device brands:

Desktop Printers

Desktop printers have become indispensable tools for everyday office tasks. They provide convenient, on-demand printing capabilities right at your workspace, eliminating the need for constant trips to a centralized print station. Whether you need a single printing solution or a network of printers spanning different departments and locations, selecting the right desktop printer provider is crucial for maintaining efficiency and ensuring network security.

Our team of professionals analyze your print volume, quality, and efficiency needs to create a recommendation that is truly tailored; giving you device flexibility previously unrealized. As a result, you get an ideal recommendation that meets your unique business challenges.

Who Are Our Customers?

As the largest privately-owned managed print service provider in the United States, our Family of Companies includes some of the most trusted local names in the industry. This allows FTG to serve a variety of businesses, from small and medium sized single-location organizations, to Fortune 500 companies with locations throughout the world.

 Industries We Serve


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New or Used Desktop Printer?

Purchasing a new or used copier should be based on the needs of your organization. Flex Technology Group’s locations throughout the U.S. sell both new and used copier devices.

New Desktop Printer

A new desktop printer will offer your organization the latest in technology and a machine that is less likely to need service. FTG dealers offer competitive pricing on the top brands available, allowing you to purchase current equipment that meets the needs of your budget.

Used Desktop Printer

Our used desktop printer inventory offers customers a variety of brands to choose from for an affordable price. Customers who leverage the advantages of purchasing used equipment have the opportunity to save on the price of hardware on a variety of machines.

Not sure where to start?

We aren’t just looking at your immediate needs, we’re looking at your future needs. Let us help you get where you want to be! We partner with a range of manufacturers so that we can find the best solution for your label printing needs.