Win as one Video Series

Episode 3: Staying Engaged with Co-Workers and Customers

Featured Guests – Christine Rasmussen (FTG Mesa) and Kaitlin Sleezer (Caltronics)


Top 10 Tips from Christine and Kaitlin

  1. Use Video on MS Teams if you previously used the phone. Pick up the phone if you usually use email. Increase your communication and grow your relationships.
  2. Be proactive with customers. They want us to reach out. Customers seek the reassurance we are there for them.
  3. Customers are looking for ways to upgrade the way they work with us. Let’s help them.
  4. Be creative and go the extra mile for customers during these times. Be caring and remember our customers lost some of their customers during this time.
  5. Keep communicating with customers and stay connected even if business is slowed or delayed. Customers that are open will appreciate the extra support and compassion.
  6. Be an example to our kids and families. They are learning from us about how to communicate with others on the phone and in video.
  7. Check-in with family and friends more than before. Enjoy the time to rest and relax outside of work time. Try a new App – Marco Polo instead of texting.
  8. Have fun with your team meetings. Trivia questions, sharing photos, team happy hours are examples to connect differently.
  9. Be honest and be open with others. Everyone can use this time to help one another and be there for support.
  10. Be sure to laugh with one another. Or contact Tony Howard to share a laugh with him.

Episode 2: Driving Outcomes

Featured Guests – Jeri Chini (FTG of Greater Ohio) and Jim Baney (FTG Mesa HQ)

Top 10 Tips shared by Jeri and Jim

  1. Keep a routine every day, even if your work hours are adjusted.
  2. Stay focused but take breaks to stretch or take a walk.
  3. Use MS Teams – It is a best practice tool to use.  See the [How-To Guide] here or check out Episode 1 below to learn more about MS Teams.
  4. Use Daily Stand-Up Team meetings – communicate what you’re working on for the day, problems/concerns. See the reference guide here: [Stand-Up Meetings]
  5. Communicate regularly with your Supervisor/Manager through regular check-ins and ask for help when needed or have an obstacle to overcome.
  6. Use tools for organization to stay on track – Electronic Sticky Notes, SharePoint, MS Teams, Excel Spreadsheets.
  7. Stay in touch with your co-workers daily – Use Teams video, phone calls.
  8. Share best practices you have found with others – create a library of information on SharePoint.
  9. Dogs are good companions while working at home – Bella, Daisy, Buddy… they are all happy we are home.
  10. When we create the new “normal” after this, decide what tools will we want to continue to use.


Episode 1: Communication and Technology while Working from Home

Featuring: Jeff Parsons & Nick Procko

Top 10 Best Practices from webinar guests, Jeff and Nick

  1. Be Patient with a new technology tools. Take your time and adjust.
  2. Use the Video feature to see people in meetings. Human interaction is always meaningful.
  3. Reduce email and use MS Teams to share documents and spreadsheets. Its faster and easier.
  4. Take what you do in the office and do it on teams. Call people, set meetings, group chat with others, or schedule a meeting with someone to just say Hi and have a check-in.
  5. Don’t be afraid to try something new within Teams. There is always better ways to do things.
  6. Use the Screen Share feature to share from your computer.
  7. Have grace for one another working from home. Kids, dogs, cats might be in the background – its ok!
  8. Use MS Teams to recognize co-workers in your department or in another team whenever possible.
  9. Use the Chat feature to have conversations. This saves time and may help receive faster answers than email.
  10. Have Fun with your co-workers on Teams! GIFs, Team Chats, Video – stay connected by being connected.