Win as one Leadership Series

Episode 3: Employee Engagement

Featuring: Judy Acri and Melissa Perry


Top Tips From Judy and Melissa

  1. Set Expectations with the team overall. Include items such as how to communicate using team meetings (with video on if possible). Have a cadence and schedule of regular communication.
  2. Stay in regular communication with furloughed employees – texts, phone calls, an all-team meeting to catch up (not talk about business).
  3. Send a card in the mail to furloughed employees.
  4. Prioritize “essential business” customers’ needs and have more empathy for the customer.
  5. Be creative with solutions to problem solve customer issues.
  6. Be fluid and flexible with scheduling employee hours to support customer and business needs.
  7. Have a repository for employees to share best practices – a Sharepoint site, or group chat in Teams.
  8. Recognize employees differently. Be creative. Send a card or something to the employee’s home.
  9. Have fun on Team Meetings – share pictures, tell stories, feature your furry friend from home.
  10. Have patience, be supportive, and be genuine with your teams.


Episode 2: Driving Outcomes

Featuring: Chase Cabanillas, CIO & Corey Rivard, SVP Sales Operations – FlexPrint

 Top 10  from Chase and Corey

  1. Incorporate Daily Stand-Up meetings with your team. – [see attached tip sheet]
  2. Combine meetings to save time & join with video to come together and see each other.
  3. Plan a virtual weekly happy hour with the team and have some fun, like picking a theme.
  4. Have greater transparency with the team and tie how the teams work to what contributes to the business. Clearly define what outcomes are needed and by when.
  5. Define productivity as outcomes in the business. Hold people accountable for the outcomes, yet with autonomy and flexibility on how they get the outcomes.
  6. Have understanding for others.
  7. Leverage one another and collaborate on creative ideas and have discussions about redesigning your approach to work.
  8. Adapt to serve customers. Develop relationships differently. Take the lead on using video with customers and meet them where they are. Have empathy, patience with customers and each other. Be creative to solve problems.
  9. Provide autonomy – Employees like to drive their own results. Measure by outcomes created and have team accountability.
  10. Cooperate and learn from each other – learn about the daily stand up. Work together and help one another. Communicate differently to achieve better outcomes. Instill in our teams the drive to go above and beyond to serve one another, we will be stronger together


Episode 1: Communication, Technology, and Workspace

Featuring: Debbie Lucero, VP of Operations & Mike Martos, VP of Service

Top 10 Best Practices from webinar guests, Debbie & Mike
  1. Dress for Success each day
  2. Use Video feature on MS Teams to connect with others
  3. Schedule Daily check-ins through MS Teams (Huddles/Stand-Up meetings)
  4. Pop By and call others who are online to say Hello like you were if you stopped by their work desk
  5. Overcommunicate with others
  6. Use the VOIP calling feature to call people through MS Teams
  7. Be sure to get up and move around, use MS Teams on your cell phone
  8. Bring your team culture to life on MS Teams
  9. Stay Connected to Furloughed employees
  10. Recognition to employees through Team Video Chats – inside and outside your group