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SESSION 1: Automated Invoice Processing & Document Management

Provide a reliable basis for seamless information flow and secure data, no matter where and when your employees want to do their jobs. Learn how to use document management and workflow solutions to break free from paper and data entry. Our experts demonstrate how to use common software solutions to automatically process all incoming invoices and synchronize your teams information immediately so that they’re free to work on more pressing tasks.

SESSION 2: Document Process Automation – From Electronic Forms to Workflow

Learn how to use these modern web forms to simplify, improve, and accelerate data collection. Not only are they instantly available to anyone on any device, but forms provide structure to data so it can be used to automate information flow through your team. 

SESSION 3: Document Process Automation – Application Integration

The key to a successful and powerful document management and workflow solution is integration to other systems. You should be able to provide a seamless flow of information between applications, departments, and teams through flexible, secure and holistic integration.

Watch this webinar recoridng to discover how DocuWare is built to work within your IT ecosystem. With 500 different integrations across email, team portals, CRM, ERP, HR systems, homegrown software and more, the success of DocuWare speaks for itself. For example, DocuWare integrates with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Microsoft Sharepoint, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Outlook, meaning you can archive, index, manage and securely share everything from documents, files, financial information, and emails.

SESSION 4: Electronic Cloud Fax

Earlier in the year, many of us were working diligently within brick and mortar offices. We trusted that our IT departments provided a safe and secure environment and we did our work using the technology that was right in front of us – copiers, printers, fax machines, workstations, networks and more.

Suddenly everyone’s working from home. The technology that we used in the office behind firewalls and protected by our IT department is still there, but we aren’t. How do we keep the wheels turning efficiently while preventing security holes in the new normal?

Simply put, critical business processes must continue, but established workflows need to shift. Watch this webinar recording to learn more about how you can and should preserve business continuity and expand security with our new normal – the remote, work from home employees.

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SESSION 5: Simplify Your Return to the Office with Electronic Forms

As employees return to the office, there may be a new set of procedures to ensure everyone is staying safe during this time. A common example of this is to have employees perform self-temperature tests and sign a form to certify they’ve completed the necessary checklist prior to coming into the office (i.e. COVID-19 Employee Self-Certification to Return to Work).

We put together this webinar to help companies realize the power of electronic forms in everyday processes and in this case, we’ll be demonstrating how easy it is to digitalize your back to work procedures. Join us for this webinar and learn how to simplify your processes with electronic forms.