Four FTG team members named 2021 ENX Difference Makers, an accolade that highlights those making significant contributions to the document technology industry.

FTG’s Rose Grande, Debbie Lucero, Karen Roscher, & Andy Smalley Recognized as ENX 2021 Difference Makers

PHOENIX, AZ (June 2, 2021) – Flex Technology Group (FTG) is honored to announce that four members of the leadership team have been recognized as 2021 industry “Difference Makers” by the national trade journal ENX Magazine.

Each year, ENX Magazine seeks peer and industry recommendations for the people who are making a difference in the industry. ENX editor Erik Cagle noted that 2020-2021 has been a year of challenges for the industry. “These people guided us through the challenges, taking on added responsibilities, to make life and work continue as unimpeded as possible.” He noted that, under these unusual circumstances, that “job descriptions had been tossed aside.”

Congratulations to Karen Roscher, Rose Grande, Debbie Lucero, and Andy Smalley for being named amongst the best in the imaging technology space.

Each of these incredible individuals has been featured in ENX Magazine’s May 2021 edition, which published its annual “Difference Maker” list, featuring a handful of select professionals from across the United States. Their stories have also been included below.

Karen Roscher

Karen Roscher


Why Karen Roscher is a difference maker:

Flex Technology Group (FTG) continues to augment its leadership infrastructure with a number of key hires that have bolstered the organization, and Roscher is among that group. She arrived at FTG in February 2020 as chief financial officer, and the timing was impeccable. Roscher mobilized to secure the continued financial success of FTG at the onset of the pandemic and immediately paid dividends. Buoyed by Roscher and the entire management team, FTG maintained a solid footing based on her extensive financial, operational and strategic experience as a CFO. This, combined with her proven track record of scaling high-growth companies (including Motorola, Intel Corp. and Welch Allyn), will be a considerable asset to FTG as it continues along the path of organic and acquisition-based growth.

“Karen is an incredible leader, and I’m grateful to have her on our team. Equally dedicated to her employer and employees, Karen goes far beyond her role as CFO to make a difference for every employee here. No matter how much she has on her plate, she always has the patience and time to help others, regardless of level or position. Karen sees strengths in others that they may not see in themselves and she encourages everyone to be the best that they can be.” — Frank Gaspari, CEO, Flex Technology Group

Rose Grande

Rose Grande


Why Rose Grande is a difference maker:

Flex Technology Group (FTG) added a human resources director of the first order when it welcomed Grande to the organization in 2018. She brought with her a wealth of people-handling skills, having served for a number of major corporations, including General Electric, American Traffic Solutions, Landmark Aviation and StandardAero. Grande has been crucial to developing FTG’s corporate culture, aligning it with business outcomes and implementing the necessary initiatives to help improve the company’s overall efficiency. Her leadership has also helped drive FTG’s talent management strategy. Grande is founder and executive sponsor of the employee-led Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforce, which endeavors to foster an environment in which people can be their authentic selves while feeling engaged, included and valued. She has a BA in psychology from Queens College and a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from Brooklyn College.

“Rose is a truly exceptional leader and someone I have great respect for. Her ability to lead and promote change within an organization is unrivaled. She’s pragmatic, commercial and solutions-focused, and her ability to calmly navigate complex problems constantly amazes me. I’ve never seen her settle for anything, and she continuously strives to improve herself, her team and the company. The difference prior to her joining the company is night and day. We’re beyond fortunate to have Rose on the FTG team.” — Debbie Lucero, Vice President of Operations, Flex Technology Group

Debbie Lucero

Debbie Lucero

VP of Operations, FTG

Why Debbie Lucero is a difference maker:

When a company is on a robust growth path, which is the case for Flex Technology Group (FTG) and its network of 16 dealerships, it takes a firm hand to pull everything together. That’s where Lucero’s value as the vice president of operations takes on even greater significance. It’s Lucero who helps quarterback the day-to-day operations and supports the long-term success of the firm. Lucero and her team are tasked with helping acquired firms transition and assimilate into the FTG collective, namely its systems and processes. Her strong leadership and management skills create a collaborative work environment that ensures business objectives are met on time and within budget. Supportive and caring, Lucero positively reflects FTG’s core values and aspirations.

“Debbie is an extraordinary leader who shows a true concern for her team and always goes above and beyond to make sure each employee is supported. Debbie always takes time to recognize the efforts of her team, supports effective communication and encourages everyone to do and be their very best, and does it with genuine sincerity.” Karen Roscher, CFO, Flex Technology Group

Andy Smalley

Andy Smalley

Director of Marketing, FTG

Why Andy Smalley is a difference maker:

As the director of marketing for Flex Technology Group (FTG), Smalley has a hand in many aspects of the company’s billowing success during its ascension as one of the most prolific, high-growth dealership chains in the office equipment realm. He abides by the motto, “Yes is the answer, what is the question,” and dons many different hats for the organization, blending extensive industry knowledge with unrivaled skills as a marketer. During his 15-year journey with FTG, the University of Arizona graduate has made a positive impact in every department, meeting or project in which he’s involved. Whether it’s assisting admin with process improvement, rollout programs for human resources or helping the sales team capitalize on opportunities, Smalley isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves to elevate the organization’s overall endeavors.

“You can always count on Andy to go above and beyond. Regardless of the task at hand, he has the uncanny ability to take an idea, run with it, and exceed any expectations you may have initially had. He’s an amazing problem solver and possesses the ability to encourage others to be their best as well.” — Rose Grande, Chief Human Resources Officer, Flex Technology Group


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