The traditional options to selling a business used to include:
(1) Selling to an OEM (Konica, Sharp, Global) which becomes a single liquidity event becoming a branch of the parent company or
(2) Selling to a mega dealer which becomes a single liquidity event with full integration into mega dealer’s business. Either way, you’ll lose complete control of the business.

The Flex Technology Group has created a third option for you to consider. We are looking for companies BEFORE they put themselves up for sale. Our acquisitive growth model allows business owners to

  • Achieve some liquidity “taking some money off the table”
  • Reinvesting with an opportunity for appreciation with a proven-world class team
  • Combining forces to reduce risk

Companies that are a good fit with our family are those with a good reputation, strong management team, and have strong financial performance. We are looking for dealers that are interested in some liquidity today; that want to retain their company’s name and strategy to the customer; that want to continue working despite achieving liquidity; that want to reinvest in our consolidation strategy and believe they can make more money partnered with our world class team; and dealers that have multiple partners where one or more would like liquidity, but the others want to stay involved and reinvest.

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