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Kronos Manager Training Part 1

Session 1 Topics Covered:

  • Access and manage your own info
  • Access paystubs and direct deposit
  • Review, review, and manage time cards
  • Approve time-off requests
  • Concludes with open Q/A

Kronos Manager Training Part 2

Session 2 Topics Covered:

  • Processing manager self-service actions
  • Manager reports
  • Timesheet changes and approvals
  • Time off request features
  • Concludes with open Q/A

Kronos Manager Training Part 3

Session 3 Topics Covered:

  • Compensation management
  • Entering merit increases
  • Submitting increases for approval
  • Reporting
  • Where to find help

FTG Kronos Manager Guide

Our written guide covers every manager function you’ll need to know in Kronos and provides step by step instructions for each. A few key pieces: updating employee information, custom reporting, commonly used manager reports, and how to address “to-do” notifications (time off requests and timesheet changes/approval requests).