Covid-19 Vaccine Tracking solution

“How do I track employee COVID-19 vaccinations?”

Many employers are asking this question as the need to track employee vaccination status rises.

With potential regulations for reporting vaccines and the need to safely reopen your business, our solution enables organizations to be proactive in tracking employee vaccinations, booster shots, and more.

Our software takes the administrative nightmare out of tracking employee vaccinations and makes sense of countless data points. Your company (e.g., Human Resources, Service Managers, or Environmental Safety Departments) can easily review and respond to assessment results, allowing you to maintain standard business operations while keeping your worksite healthy.

Are you prepared?

Stay on top of your employees’ health and safety with a vaccine tracker solution:


User Friendly

Use web or mobile forms to report initial vaccinations and boosters. Anyone in the organization can easily report their own information.


You can use this solution on its own or integrate it with your current system to automatically update employee records.


Fast Implementation

The solution is prepackaged and ready to go, so it can be implemented in as little as 5 business days.

Reduce Liability

Be proactive in ensuring your employees are protected and liabilities are reduced.

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Pricing Estimates

Pricing estimates are based on user licenses, which are only required for users who need to manage the solution on the back end. Employees submitting their vaccination status do not need a license. All pricing below displays the maximum cost per month.

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