Connecting Your VVX410 Desk Phone at Home

What you will need:

  • Internet Connection at home with access to your modem/router
  • 1x VVX410 Desk Phone (Provided by FTG)
  • 1x VVX410 Power Supply (Provided by FTG)
  • 1x Ethernet Cable (Provided by FTG as needed)

1. Connect the ethernet cable to an open port on the back of your modem/router

2. Connect the other end to LAN port on the back of the phone
      Note: there are two. You are looking for the one labeled with a network icon

3. Plug the circular end of the VVX410 power supply into the back of the phone (Shown Below) and the plug the other end into an electrical outlet nearby

The phone should be powering on now. This can take 2-3 minutes so be patient.

 When the phone has booted up fully, you should see an icon with a green checkmark and handset on the screen. Place a test call to ensure it is working.
*If you do not get this check mark, the phone has any sort of error message or your test call fails, please reach out to itsupport@flextg.com and we will assist you.

If you use a headset, please see below for additional instruction

Connecting Your VVX410 Desk Phone to a Headset

1. If you are using your phone with a headset, you will plug the RJ-11 (phone cable) from the headset into the Headset port on the phone

a. Wired Headsets do not require any additional setup beyond this

b. Wireless headsets will be connected from the wireless base station to the port shown below.

i. Once this is connected, connect your wireless headset base station to a power outlet using the power supply it came with

2. To check the headset is working, place a test call and switch the output mode to headset by pressing the proper button on the phone