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Transforming Efficiency for a Cannabis Packaging Wholesaler

bottled CBD products with printed labels


Imagine running a business where your ability to deliver on time directly impacts your bottom line. This was the reality for a cannabis packaging wholesaler in Northern California. Specializing in high-quality marijuana packaging, this company found itself struggling with its existing printing setup. Due to customer discretion, we won’t disclose the name of this company, but their story is one many businesses can relate to.


Initially, the company relied on a single Rolland Wide Format Printer & Cutter. This setup presented several significant challenges. First, the production time was a major issue. Printing and cutting hundreds of labels took hours, causing the company to regularly miss deadlines and risk losing customers. The inefficiency also led to high operational costs. On top of that, the limited capability of their equipment meant they couldn’t offer as much customization to their clients as they wanted.

Solutions Implemented

This is where Caltronics, a Flex Technology Group company, came into the picture. We understood the challenges they were facing and knew exactly how to address them. We installed two IntoPrint Label Printers and two Eclipse LF3 Finishers. These new machines made a world of difference.


The impact was immediate and profound. Production time was slashed from days to just a few hours. This drastic reduction in time allowed the company to meet tight deadlines consistently and avoid the risk of losing customers. The new setup also reduced operational costs significantly. But perhaps most importantly, it gave the company the ability to offer more customized labels, which helped them upsell to their customers and provide better service overall.

The company now had a reliable partner in Caltronics for all their office technology and printing solution needs. They no longer had to worry about missing deadlines or the limitations of their old equipment. Instead, they could focus on what they do best: providing high-quality cannabis packaging solutions to their clients.


This transformation showcases how the right technology can significantly enhance business operations. For this cannabis packaging wholesaler, the switch to IntoPrint Label Printers and Eclipse LF3 Finishers was a game-changer. It not only improved efficiency and reduced costs but also allowed them to deliver better products and services to their customers. And that’s a win for everyone involved.

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