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Our sales teams are the key to our success at Flex Technology Group. They gain a deep knowledge of our customers’ business and work hard to help them manage and add value with office technology. Flex Technology Group is well known for having a sales team that’s incredibly talented, skilled, and successful. A big part of this is because of the incredible amount of support we offer our sales representatives as they perform their daily responsibilities – which typically includes prospecting, setting appointments, meeting with customers, making presentations, and delivering on sales goals.

We’ve built a culture of sales success. It’s sales – but not as you know it. Ours is a proven model of professional consultative selling.

Some of our best account executives join us having never worked in sales before. Nor did they ever picture themselves working in office technology. Their energy, courage, sharp thinking, and competitive drive helped them to flourish in the role. We have an excellent mix of people, where success is gained from teamwork and ability – no matter what your background. We offer training for those interested in this dynamic role.

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You don’t have to move out to move up. Sales at FTG opens up windows of opportunity for your career. Whether you’d like to build your expertise, become a mentor to junior team members, or lead a team – there are many ways to build a fulfilling future at FTG. Joining one of our sales teams also offers exposure to many facets of our business, giving you leadership opportunities across the United States if you so desire.

Expand YOUR Skills

Feel fulfilled in your role while learning new skills. Technology never stops evolving and neither does FTG. We provide an incredible amount of training and support to continually enhance your skills in prospecting, setting appointments, meeting with customers, making presentations, and delivering on sales goals. On top of this, our sales teams are comprised of the best and brightest from across the nation. Leveraging these teams with our collaborative environment allows us to share best practices, resources, strategies, and consistently improve our own processes.

If you’re new to sales, we’ll help you build your expertise.

If you already have the experience, we’ll build on your abilities and give you the tools to finesse your skills. 

Visualize YOUR Path to Success

There’s a path for your career at FTG – one that works for your life and your aspirations.

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“I continue to be impressed by the sales culture at FTG. We LOVE TO WIN, and we love to do it as a team. We train hard, we work hard, and we celebrate success. When we have setbacks and losses, we come together as a team and work to make our next attempt successful. I love coaching and leading others within that environment.”

Matt Charbonneau

VP of Enterprise Sales, Flo-Tech

“How am I going to sell office technology? I’ve never worked with technology in my life! That’s what I thought when I first joined FlexPrint, but it’s really not like that. It’s about nurturing your strengths and being rewarded for hard work.”

Elisa Morton

National Account Executive, FlexPrint

“Sales at FTG is an amazing stepping stone into a career within tech. The company’s rapid growth is fueled by the talent developed in this function and the variety of opportunities to quickly learn new skills and advance on the team are unmatched. With mentorship programs, ongoing development sessions with company leadership, fun team outings, and great people all around, I’m excited about what more we will accomplish!”

Diana Herrera Strong

Major Account Manager, CBE Office Solutions

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